Let’s Save Paris.

The recent Paris tragedy has hurt many souls around the world. This post is a reminder that Paris IS and WILL STAY a great city worth visiting. To this extent, my purpose is to share with you my favorite places in the city, and hopefully make you want to explore them. 

To stay creative: La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Le Palais de Tokyo, le Centre Pompidou (Contemporary Art)…
To walk around: Le Jardin des Tuileries (where you can get Mövenpick ice cream in the summer). It’s perfect for some reading time or for chatting with friends.There is also fun fair in the summer, and a Christmas market in the winter time.
DSC04302I also like le Marais because it’s very artsy, you can find original cafés & restaurants.
Le Musée Rodin where you can see the sculpture of Le Penseur (the Thinker).P1140464
La Place des Vosges: Just to sit on a bench or on the grass and enjoy.
To shop: The long street called Rue Rivoli (There are famous stores and some smaller ones)
To brunch: Any restaurant Place St Catherine or Le Paradis du Fruit @ La Bastille. 
To eat: La Cidrerie du Marais (You can choose which ingredients you want to put in your crepe and it’s not expensive).
To have tea: Le Mandarin Oriental without hesitation. Great service, although a little expensive.
To have a picnic : Parc de Buttes-Chaumont (There’s a lake, a waterfall..)
To work in a café: La Favorite: It’s calm and you have big glass-windows to people-watch and get inspired!
To have a drink: the 7th Terrass Hotel, and the barge (Le Marcounet) on the Seine.
To work out: The Freeness Studio (4 floors, unlimited plan 24/7, collective classes & machines, sauna & smoothies)
What are your favorite spots in Paris? Please feel free to write them down so that we keep the city alive!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Save Paris.

  1. Hi! I love your blog and it made me so happy to hear you write about all your favourite places in Paris 🙂 I lived in Paris for a few years and miss it dearly. My favourite spots have to be Le Marais (Rue des Rosiers – l’as du falafel of course!, Rue Vielle de temple, le marché des enfants rouges – this whole area to be honest), le Canal Saint Martin (chez prune for a drink, or Favela Chic for all night dancing!), Chez Gladines at Maubert Mutualité and wandering around Odeon and catching a film in an independent cinema. Pho 14 or Indochine in the 13th. There is so much love and heart and vibrancy and diversity in this city, it would just be impossible to defeat it 🙂


    1. Oh I absolutely love l’As du falafel, it’s cheap and so good! I have never tried their sandwiches though. Only their falafels. And you’re right, the whole area is great! I like near the Canal Saint Martin, it’s very nice. But I have yet to try the places you’re mentioning, because I have just moved here a few months ago. Thanks for your post!


  2. Where would the world be without Paris? The first time I visited, it took my breath away. It’s not just the sights … it’s how it makes you feel inside. Paris is always a good idea!


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