Calm Music for a Rainy Day

Even though you love traveling, sometimes when it’s cold and raining outside you just want to stay in a cosy place (translation: under a blanket) and listen to music. 
Please find a list of melancholic, calm and beautiful songs that stayed with me throughout the years. You probably know some of them, and hopefully you will discover some great ones!💚
Bethany Joy Lenz: Elsewhere
Imany: Slow Down
Ben Howard: Black Flies
Michelle Featherstone: Coffee and Cigarettes
Nina Simone: Feeling good
Thirteen Senses: Into the Fire
Oasis: Wonderwall
Finley Quaye: Dice
Fort Minor: Where’d you go
Chris Isaak: Wicked Game
Brett Dennen: Ain’t No Reason
Lea Michelle: If you Say so
Ron Pope: Everything
Jimmy Eat World – Hear you me
Cat power: Maybe Not💚

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