We finally decided to go on our first romantic trip. When I say that he was part of the decision process, all I mean is that actually I decided everything. 😉 Anyways, we went to Sardina, and our hotel was in Alghero, a beautiful city along the west coast. It was quite hard to find information on this destination, so I hope this helps a little! The best advice I would give you is probably to avoid going in the summertime because the beaches can be crowded sometimes.
Here are 5 things we loved the most:
1 : Stintino Beach : We had to take a 4 hours bus from Alghero to get there, but it was really worth it! It was the highlight of our stay here. The crystal blue water, the rocks.. It was a beautiful setting. We bought a bottle of wine to drink on the beach but it was so hot we should have brought a cooler! Our attempt to cool the wine in the water was an epic fail.
2 : Maria Pia Beach : That beach is accessible after going through some pine trees, if you want to go for a slightly more natural and wild place. It is quite small but very nice!
3 : Food: The pizzas, homemade ice creams… We ate it all. It was delicious. I tried the Nutella pizza though, and I don’t regret it because I’ve always wanted to try it but I wouldn’t order it again. It was just so big and honestly not as well made as the salty ones.
4 : The drinks: The fresh fruit smoothies: Along the beach, you can find big oranges or lemon shaped fruit bars, and the drinks were just excellent!
The Ichnusa beer: the typical beer of Sardinia!
5 : The cute center of Alghero: It was simply amazing. Try to picture little shops and colorful streets. We had a great time just walking around and enjoying our time here. If you go towards the coast, you can catch the sunset. Isn’t it everything you want for your relaxing romantic holidays?!

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